1. Mona Lisa

From the recording Drink My Whiskey


There's only one thing I live for
The perfect song there's nothing more
It lives somewhere deep down in my heart
Not being perfect is the perfect place to start

Sometimes I look up and what I see
Is imperfect perfection right above me
It's kind of messy and the stain never goes away
Just keeps reminding me how blessed I am today

I paint my Mona Lisa tonight
It's not going to be perfect going to be just right
Thank God for the gift given to me
To paint my Mona Lisa anyway I see

The best thing in the world today
Is this guitar and the songs that I play
It's rarely done right and it ain't going to be tonight
Shut up and listen I'm painting my life


There's only one perfect thing
That's not so perfect when I sing
It may not amount to much of anything
But it's what I've got; it's what I bring