William Wyatt


William Wyatt Gregory has been playing in front of audiences from Kalamazoo to the Keys, to Hong Kong since 1996.  For 2024 he is currently promoting  his 12th studio album, 'SIMPLE' being released on vinyl.  His live solo shows feature footstompin', guitar, harmonica, and vocals or sometimes just acoustic guitar and vocals. Many well known and modern cover songs as well as some original songs. 

Music & live video

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Press photos

Press / Reviews

"WUVT 90.7 FM MUSIC DIRECTOR - Barry Hall - Hollywood & Rose Album “MTV Song” sounds eerily like Bruce Springsteen. The rest of the album has a uniform style. Very nice tempo to the songs. A very nice addition to any Americana collection. Suggested: 1,3,4,7,8,9"”
From footstompin’ blues to classic country to upbeat rock ‘n’ roll, William Wyatt’s original songs cover great distance. Based in Hartland, Michigan, he’s been touring and releasing indie recordings since 1996, most recently in support of his 2022 release Good Things Coming. With a clear, warm voice and strong guitar arrangements, his unique sound calls to mind Bob Dylan, The Animals, and Bruce Springsteen.” - Ann Arbor Summer Fest Insert
"AFTER HEARING LET IT ALL OUT LIVE ON HIS SHOW... "you guys have a good sound" - Mitch Albom"”