Currently,  2019 William Wyatt is promoting and booking his 9th album release, "Halfway Home".  Ten new songs continue in the Footstompin style with Wyatt taking care of all of the instruments except Organ, Piano by Alec Pominville and Background Vocals by Howard Eddy.  

 “Drink My Whiskey” was released Summer 2016.   Continuing from the recording style of "Footstompin' Americana Blues", Wyatt is adding other instrumentation to his unique style of recording.   The result is new sounds, ideas and a melodic simplicity that resonates from an era of classics.  

On black Friday 2013, William Wyatt released a 10 track solo CD titled, "Footstompin' Americana Blues".  Wyatt incorporated his LIVE show into the recording studio to create a one man band style of recording.    

2012 was a whirlwind which brought an amazing tour promoting “The Best of William Wyatt” album in Hong Kong which was released at the end of 2011. Each of the 10 previously-recorded songs were updated and digitally re-mastered. Five new songs are also included on this album.  

The summer of 2008 saw the release of William Wyatt’s fifth full-length album titled, “The Whole Bottle of Wine.” He steps outside of his songwriting box to create a classic song, “Sometimes all you need is, The Whole Bottle of Wine.”

2005, outside of the U.S., Wyatt's music made headlines in the United Kingdom when he was selected for a special project titled,
“The greatest music you've never heard” by Mosquito Media
The project was a benefit to raise funds for breast cancer research.

2005 also saw the release of “Hollywood and Rose.” The album is a blend of many things; blues, rock, folk and country are all heard in the undertones. The music does not fit in one category and when asked, Wyatt will tell you:

"I'm not country, not quite rock ‘n roll; I don't play rap, I play what I know. I know what I write and I write what I know; you can call it what you like, I call it my own." – excerpt from MTV SONG

2003 and 2004 saw the William Wyatt Band touring throughout upper Michigan to the Florida Keys. William Wyatt Band wins the Detroit Country Battle.

In 2002 the self-titled “Black Album” was created and released.

In 2001 Wyatt took his experiences from living in Arizona and Nashville
and converted them into his next album,
“Point of View.” He joined the AFM (American Federation of Musicians) Local 1000.

In 1999 Wyatt recorded his first album, “Go Anywhere,” as an acoustic compilation of his first years as a singer/songwriter. Wyatt created Encompass Records as the business entity for managing his music.

William Wyatt started his solo career in 1996, performing at open mics as well as gigging solo at bars and clubs throughout Kalamazoo, MI.