From the recording Drink My Whiskey

Politics suck


Its a very, its a very, its a very sad day
When one side says not to hate and they go ahead and do it anyway
Lets not be dumb, lets not just look away.
Lets find the face of the enemy and say.

Dont hate the irony dont hate it anymore
When you're choosin not to choose and death is at your door

Bad news, bad news, is what it's gonna be
We all just look like our own enemy
Take what you like, maybe leave some for me
Just hate me for who I am and kill me for free


What's it, what's it, what's it gonna be
Are you gonna stand for freedom or just hate the irony
Let the horse in and let em take control
We may be just like Rome
Our destiny is known


It'll never, it'll never, it'll never ever be
One of the 65 looking out for me
We're all just pawns in someone else game
I'm not even playing and its me your gonna blame