From the recording Drink My Whiskey


I feel the mountain wind blowing over me
I feel the sunshine like I'm standing at the sea
I'm smelling for the roses each and every day
Haven't found the right one to make me feel OK.

Feels like it's been such a long time my friend
You got me so scared it's gonna happen again
Still don't feel like I'm quite there
Just sharing a beer and a story showing that you care

Wanna feel you tonight
Make my heart feel right
Wanna feel you tonight
Im ready now i'm seeing the light.

Remember those times some 20 years ago
Where has the time gone anything but slow
I'm missin my chance to make it with you
Just one more memory may just get me through


We move on with life so dam easily
Why is it so hard then thinking of our memories
Time keeps flyin by my regret stays the same
Today may just be the day i say Hi and ask your name